New style high security departmental shredders in a choice of Micro- and Super Micro cut security levels. Unique Mercury Continuous Sensing Jam Free technology prevents Paper jam.

Protect your confidential and valuable information from being stolen by shredding any documents that may put your business at risk from identity fraud. The Rexel Mercury RDM1170 departmental shredder is perfect for a shared office of 10-20 users and has the high DIN S4 S4S4 is the fourth shredder DIN Standard security le…security level which means that it shreds paper into unreadable, small micro-cut confetti style particles (sized 1.9 x 15mm) making it ideal for highly sensitive data.

Paper jamming are time consuming, frustrating, messy and can be costly if you have to call out an engineer. Featuring the revolutionary Mercury Jam Free technology, the RDM1170 has a unique brightly lit LED indicator that warns you whether you are trying to feed too much paper into the shredder in one go. After removing the excess paper the shredder will continue to shred automatically.