Houston Office Interiors, located in Cork, provide a vast range of storage options for all office situations. Office Storage is sometimes described as the “Cinderella” of Office Furniture, as it can tend to be neglected at the planning stage. Good storage units are a must-have for every efficient office. Storage Cabinets, Shelving, Lockers and Pedestals, are essential equipment and can also add colour and style.

Designed for optimum utilization of space, they enhance everyday work. Sliding, wing and shutter doors cabinets can be adjusted to store an immense amount of sometimes heavy documents within the office. Cargo and classic pedestals maintain order in the working space and are the perfect choice for storage of files and personal effects. Basic office filing cabinets are still an economical system for file storage.

Storage furniture can be used to divide working zones as well as providing shared storage for work teams. Whether in grey or white steel, wood effect or vivid accent colours modern storage defines the character of every office interior and is a very worthwhile investment.

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