Operator, Visitor, Reception, Breakout & Canteen Seating

Houston Office Interiors, located in Cork,  supply a full range of office, reception, meeting room, reception, canteen and casual seating for every requirement, and every budget, with the emphasis on value and comfort. Chairs can be as individual as the person who is going to use it, the purpose it is used for, and the location and length of time it will be in use. Whatever your requirement, we have the seating for you, at the most competitive prices. Whatever the style, your seating sets a standard that is noticed by staff and visitors, and is a worthwhile investment in both.

Above all else the seat should be supportive, and something which aids rather than hinders productivity. More work hours are lost through back pain and injuries than any other reason, and the number of people reporting back issues is rising rapidly. One major reason is poor seating posture at work, especially amongst office personnel.

We can co-ordinate with your existing seating, or provide the most up to date  and stylish options, with desks, storage, tables and screens to transform your work area.

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