Special Offers

We always try to pass on savings where possible and sometimes these savings are out of the ordinary because of the particular circumstances. We always have furniture on display in our showrooms, and to keep things fresh we regularly replace and sell-off display models. They may have a scratch or a mark, but they are still fully guaranteed and available at marked-down prices. It can also happen that a particular product is ordered in error, or that we might order more than what is required for a large order to take advantage of exceptionally good pricing.
Most of the international manufacturers release new ranges of furniture every year to stay up to date with emerging style trends. This offers buying opportunities to source exceptional value if they reduce the price of “last years model”. We regularly buy these end-of-line offerings in bulk from the manufacturers, allowing us offer great savings to our customers.
We also offer some furniture ranges at special value, based on bulk purchasing as a member of the TARA dealer Group, the leading Dealer Group in Ireland. There are situations where better prices can be attained if we can “piggyback” your order on to an order for a similar product by one of our fellow members throughout the country.
It is for these reasons that we can offer exceptional prices under the heading of “Special Offers”. We are always willing to go the extra mile to see how we can save you money without compromising on quality.

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