Eze Lucia

Eze Lucia

Lucia is an ever popular crepe weave synthetic panel fabric. It’s manufactured from 100% recycled polyester saving virgin raw materials and giving a reduced environmental footprint.
With a non-lustrous appearance, its bold and bright colour palette is designed to complement the Xtreme range for upholstery.

100% Recycled Polyester; Non metallic dyestuffs

Certified to the EU Ecolabel; Certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100; Made from 100% recycled polyester

260 g/m2 ±5% (440 g/lin.m ±5%)

EN 1021 – 1 (cigarette); EN 1021 – 2 (match); BS 7176 Low Hazard; BS 476 Part 7 Class 1;
EN 13501-1 Adhered class B, s1, d0; EN 13501-1 Un-adhered class B, s1,d2