Duorest 2.0

Duorest ergonomic chair is equipped with worldwide patented technology invented by German Physics Professor, Dr. Matthias Brünig, who has revolutionized the way we sit since 1989. Duorest started from the Active Sitting theory which reduces back pressure by supporting the spine and back muscles.

Duorest features a split back support which adapts to your seating posture to provide balanced support, as you need it. Duorest is part of our “Wellbeing at Work” range which includes Sit-Stand desks for optimum health benefits and is available from stock.

Major functions of Duorest 2.0

  1. Height adjustment
  2. Armrests can be adjusted in a curved path
  3. Synchronous tilt control to adjust  tilt from 20 degrees to 14 degrees
  4. Seat depth adjustment
  5. Curved path headrest height adjustment

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